Super EverDrive Classic Edition [Nintendo SNES]

  • $84.99 USD


SUPER EVERDRIVE, the ultimate Super Nintendo gaming accessory.
New cartridge has improved user interface, greater compatibility. Multi region CIC chip allows the ability to use the cartridge with any SNES/SFC system.

- Supports 90% of SNES game library
- Max. ROM size up to 48Mbyte
- Return to menu after reset
- SRAM auto backup on SD card
- Supported SD/MMC up to 32GB
- FAT32 format support
- Simple menu
- Compatible with PAL, NTSC & Famicom Systems

Super EverDrive Classic Edition Includes:
- Super EverDrive Region Free Cartridge
- Classic Edition Collector Case
- Sandisk Ultra 8Gb SD Card
- Super EverDrive Instruction Manual

PLEASE NOTE - The Super EverDrive Classic Edition is not compatible with SNES games that require Enhancement Chips. A full list of enhanced titles can be found here:

For technical support, please refer to the manufacturer's website.
This EverDrive is not an official KRIKZZ cartridge.

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Delivery Timeframe: 2-10 Days (USA/CANADA)

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