SD2SNES Universal EverDrive Cartridge [SNES]

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SD2SNES, the ultimate Super Nintendo gaming accessory.
New cartridge has improved design, ROMs load for instant access. Multi region CIC chip allows the ability to use the cartridge with any SNES/SFC system. 

- SD/SDHC/SDXC support (tested up to 64GB; no exFAT support so SDXC cards must be reformatted using FAT32)
- High quality push-push memory card slot
- Fast ROM loading (~9MB/s)
- Fast menu navigation
- Directories are sorted automatically, no need for FAT sorting tools
- High resolution menu (512×224) for adequate display of long file names
- Real Time Clock
- Supports ROM size up to 128MBit (96Mbit actually implemented)
- Automatic near-time SRAM saving to SD Card (while the game runs). Some limitations apply: near-time saving is switched to periodic saving when a game is found to use the SRAM as work RAM.
- Automatic saving is disabled when MSU1 is used. SRAM is saved on reset.
- Enhancement chip support
- SuperCIC key (SNES CIC clone): enables operation on consoles of all regions

Pre-Installed Enhancement Chips:
- BS-X memory map / Satellaview base unit registers (clock)
- DSP1 / 1b
- DSP2
- DSP3
- DSP4
- ST-010
- Cx4
- MSU1

SD2SNES Ultimate Edition Includes:
- SD2SNES Region Free Cartridge
- Sandisk Ultra 16Gb SD Card (Optional)

For technical support, please refer to the manufacturer's website.
This EverDrive is not an official KRIKZZ cartridge.

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