EZ Flash IV Ultimate Edition [GameBoy Advance/NDS]

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The EZ FLASH IV is a powerful cartridge that allows you to relive the amazing experience of your favourite GBA classics. With the EZ Flash IV, you will be able to play games in the best conditions thanks to its perfect GBA game compatibility and its simplicity of use. You will also be able to enjoy NDS games if you own a "passme" device or have flashed your DS firmware with the latest "flashme".

GBA, GBA SP & GB Micro Systems
DSL & NDS Systems

- EZ Flash IV MicroSD/SDHC version
- 256Mb PSRAM (32 Mbytes)
- 384Mb NorFLASH (48Mbytes)
- 32Mb Loader (4 Mbytes)
- 8Mb saver SRAM (1Mbyte)
- Supports 512Mb - 8GB
- Support 2GB-32GB microSD/SDHC

Compatible Emulation:
- Nintendo GameBoy Advance ROMs
- Nintendo GameBoy ROMs (.gba format)
- Nintendo DS ROMs (.gba format)
- Nintendo NES ROMs (.gba format)
- NEO GEO ROMs (.gba format)
- Sega Master System ROMs (.gba format)
- Sega Game Gear ROMs (.gba format)
- PC Engine ROMs (.gba format)

EZ Flash IV Ultimate Edition Includes:
- EZ Flash IV Region Free Cartridge
- Ultimate Edition Collector Case
- Kingston 8Gb MicroSD Card
- MicroSD Adapter

EverDrive Online strongly recommends using EverDrive cartridges on the original console. We do not guarantee the compatibility with third-party or Chinese clone consoles.

For technical support, please refer to the manufacturer's website.

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