EverDrive 64 V1.0 Classic Edition [Nintendo 64]

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EVERDRIVE 64, the ultimate Nintendo 64 gaming accessory.
Compatibility with NTSC, NTSC-J and PAL game library. Multi Region Chip allows the use of the EverDrive cartridge with any N64 system via the region selector.

- 99% compatibility with N64 game library
- 64Mbyte (512mbit) SDRAM for ROM data (max ROM size 64Mbyte)
- SD and SDHC cards are supported
- FAT16/FAT32 support. Unlimited partition size for FAT32
- SD to SDRAM transfer speed up to 23 Mbyte/s
- Nintendo 64 & Nintendo NES Emulation support
- Gamepack saves support (SRAM, SRAM128Kbyte, EEPROM16k, EEPROM4k, FlashRam)
- Region Free compatibility
- RAM Expansion support

Compatible Emulation:
- Nintendo 64 ROMs
- Nintendo NES ROMs

EverDrive 64 Classic Edition Includes:
- EverDrive 64 V1.0 Region Free Cartridge
- Classic Edition Collector Case
- Sandisk Ultra 16Gb SD Card
- EverDrive 64 Instruction Manual

EverDrive Online strongly recommends using EverDrive cartridges on the original console. We do not guarantee the compatibility with third-party or Chinese clone consoles.

For technical support, please refer to the manufacturer's website.
This EverDrive is not an official KRIKZZ cartridge.

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